Be 1 Make 1 (Discipleship)

An Evangelism and Discipleship Tool for Sharing the Gospel

What are Be 1 Make 1 Groups?

Be 1 Make 1 Groups are the primary vehicle by which we make disciples at Vision Church. After our weekend gatherings, engaging in a small group is the most important next step for every member and guest. In order to make disciples, Vision B1M1 Groups operate through rhythms: Bible study, family time, discipleship group, fellowship, and rest.


B1M1 Foundations is an 8-12 week discipleship group designed to strengthen your spiritual walk and to equip you with the basics of biblical doctrine. Each quarter, we offer gender-specific groups that focus on deep study of our B1M1 packet which teaches you the 8 Commands of Christ while providing a supportive environment for accountability and personal growth.

What To Expect

– Intentional Study: Gain insights and build wisdom through Scripture and our comprehensive B1M1 packet.

– Authentic Community: Connect with like-minded individuals in a safe, gender-specific setting.

– Accountability: Find support and encouragement to stay on track in your journey.

– Tools: Learn how to use tools to share your faith and disciple others in living like Jesus.

Ready to start your Foundations journey?

Our Family Groups offer a welcoming space for connection and spiritual growth. Meeting in host homes across the Triangle, we follow a 3-weeks on, 1-week off rhythm to make it easy to build lasting relationships while taking rest. These are primarily sermon-based small groups that meet throughout the Triangle and surrounding areas.

What To Expect

– Sermon-Based Discussions: Deepen your understanding of Sunday messages in a relaxed setting.

– Dedicated Leaders & Hosts: Enjoy a caring, organized, and engaging environment.

– Manageable Size: Groups are capped at 16 people (adults and of course children are welcome) for meaningful interaction.

– Flexible Schedule: Off months in July, August, and the holiday season for your convenience.

Connect with your Family Group

Explore challenging life topics and gain practical guidance within our Be 1 Make 1 Focus Groups. These smaller groups dive into areas like financial stewardship, personal accountability, divorce, trauma, and more. Our studies typically last 8-12 weeks, with adjustments based on the topic, and they are offered periodically throughout the year.

What To Expect

– Trained Leaders: Find wisdom and expertise from qualified leaders approved by our elders to walk with you through topics that can enhance your walk with Christ and others.

– Targeted Support: Address specific life challenges within a supportive community.

– Flexible Duration: Study lengths tailored to the depth of each topic.

Are you ready to take a deeper step into your Discipleship?

Why Do We Need Be 1 Make 1 Groups?

1. Intentional Discipleship

We want to be intentional about holistic disciples at Vision. The Bible’s vision of gospel-centered community shows disciples who grow spiritually and also make disciples who make more disciples. By living on mission in community, disciples are empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform our city and the nations through our generation and the next.

2. Loving Accountability in Bible Study, Community, Fellowship, and Rest

Our rhythms help small group members and leaders, intentionally develop gospel-centered relationships and hold one another accountable to Christ and his Word. They can also help evaluate a small group’s health and identify areas in need of additional investment, training, or coaching.

3. Shared Ownership for Health and Training

Vision B1M1 Group members pursue evangelism, spiritual growth, make disciples, and serve our city in gospel community because Scripture exhorts every believer to contribute and own the health, discipleship, and mission of the church. It also rebukes disciples that are not living out Jesus’ teaching to “go and make disciples” not to sit and wait for them to join a service, but rather to be a tangible display of the gospel in our city and the world.