Ways to think about voting


There is no doubt that this election cycle is overwhelming. It feels like there are many things out of our control nationally. Oftentimes the overwhelming thoughts can plant seeds of doubt, fear, or confusion. I want to provide you with some resources to help you parse through information and your emotions.

My first encouragement is be comforted! Remember, we serve a God who reigns forever on the throne. The state of the country does not surprise him. Secondly, God commands us not to respond in fear. It’s almost humorous, that he knows fear will be our automatic reaction. Instead in 2 Timothy, he urges us to respond by having a sound mind.

What does it mean to have a sound mind?

In this context having a sound mind would include using reason, prayer, Godly insight and wisdom to come to a decisions on how you might take action in our country. Everyone may come to a different decision.  For example, some of you may be led to vote a particular way. For others, you may decide against voting. Ultimately, I think you should be asking the question: How can I love my neighbors?

Again, this may look different for everyone. However, I want you to get off the sidelines. There are people in your community that you can love well. As as a result of your love, you’ll create change in your communities. 

Start by looking into people who are on the Wake County Board of Education. They influence our children and our neighbor’s children livelihood. You can research the various County Commissioners and their plans for your county. Are the current plans for the best interests of the people in city or should we move in a different direction? You can have a say in that by voting.

After you vote, you may want to get involved. Maybe you are inspired to run for Mayor! Have you thought about volunteering? There are many ways to use your gifts to serve your neighbors.

I’ve collected a few resources to help you further your understanding of thinking soundly, understanding local politics, and researching your candidates. 

Articles that can help shape your perspective on voting

Research who is on your ballot and what they do

Let these graphics guide you.

  • Here is a voter guide that contains interviews and questionnaires completed by local candidates. Click this link to read the voter guide. 
  • Check out this graphic explaining who is on the ballot and their roles in our government.
  • I compiled a list of resources to help you find your polling location, election laws, etc. You can access it by clicking here.

Serving your community

Lastly, I challenge you to get involved with your community through service. One organization we support is the Wake County Boys and Girls Club. They host programs that enrich the lives of families and children in Raleigh. We can support monetarily, but also with our time. Visit their website to learn more about their work. Fill out this form to see if you are eligible to volunteer. The reward that comes from pouring into someone else’s life individually is unmatched.

I hope you’re encouraged to take the plunge into serving others. Whether it be by voting nationally, locally, or volunteering.