5 Ways to Celebrate Mom at Home + Bonus

Katrece Boyd   -  

Just like every other major event that’s been stalled, cancelled or altered, for many Mother’s Day will look a little different this year. For those who are fortunate to have momma near, most will be relegated to celebrating at home. For many more, you may be celebrating your mother (or momma-surrogate) from a distance. No matter where you and she may be, it’s always worth celebrating mommas. So on her special day, here are 5 ways you can celebrate her either at home or virtually from a distance.

Organize a Virtual Mother’s Day Party

Zoom is the new dance hall and creating a little virtual shindig for your mom could be just the pick me up she needs. If you have a mother who lives alone, this could especially meaningful.

Write a Letter

Letters are a forgotten art form. While texting is quick and easy, a handwritten letter requires thought and time. It can be the perfect gesture to show just how much you care and can be a heartwarming keepsake for her.

Make a Video or Picture Collage

If you have access to some pics of your mom in the past, put together a cute e-card, video or virtual collage showcasing her best looks to the background of her favorite tunes. And speaking of tunes…

Make Her a Mixtape!

Put together a compilation of your mom’s favorite music and send it to her in whatever format she listens to music the most (cd, mp3…maybe even cassette tape 😊). You can even play that mixtape at the virtual party you throw her 😉.

Call Your Mom

I don’t believe there’s anything a mother appreciates more than a simple phone call from her baby boy or baby girl. So slow down on her day, find a place to get real comfortable (especially if your mother is chatty), pick up the phone, and give her a ring.

BONUS: Ideas If You Have Kiddos…

  1. Cook Mommy Breakfast (or Lunch, or Dinner) – this never gets old. And throw in a good dishwashing while you’re at it.
  2. Give Her a “Room” to Herself – alone time is hard to come by during these COVID days. Give your baby momma (aka wife of your children) some breathing room by taking the kids for a few hours so she can rest, do her nails, take a shower/bath, or whatever else she wants to do.
  3. Go on a Picnic Together – take the kids to the park, let them run and play and treat mom to a family picnic.


However you decide to celebrate your mother this year, show her she’s loved, appreciated and adored.