Peace in a Pandemic: Let’s Gather Online

Adrian Bostic   -  

As our country and community take extreme measures to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, all Vision Church gatherings have been moved from in-person to virtual settings. While we navigate this “new normal,” we want to make sure your questions are answered. Here’s the top 3 questions our community group leaders have been receiving and their responses:

WHY are we doing virtual community groups ?

Hebrews 10:24-25 commands us to not forsake the “gathering” of believers. This is how we can gather at this time. Though it looks different, we are still leading our groups to pursue obedience to God’s word.

  • We were created for relationships, not isolation. As small group leaders we have the opportunity to draw our group out of their isolation and into community. 
  • We won’t know how to serve one another during this trying time if we don’t talk with one another. 
  • Lack of healthy rhythms can have a negative impact on our spiritual growth; this season is no different. We hope that weekly Vision community group gatherings based on our weekend worship experiences promote healthy rhythms that would further fuel our growth as disciples. 
  • We need accountability now, more than ever. Our community group families are the ones that know us best and can speak into our lives. 

WHAT are we doing during our virtual community group gathering times?

While we won’t be able to gather as small groups in person, we want to encourage every small group to relationally engage with each other in this season. Find out about our groups.

Here’s what to expect during a virtual gathering:

  • Sermon-based studies that will help us engage with Pastor Jerome’s main passage and application. 
  • Prayer time for your neighbors and city. 
  • Continue to spur/disciple one another on to know God and make him known. 

HOW do we do virtual Community Group meetings? 

  • Zoom or any other trusted conference app will be okay to use. Community Group leaders will email instructions on how to connect online weekly.
  • Be sure to gather for virtual community groups at your normal weekly meeting times to keep a healthy rhythm.


  • Continue our GroupMe text chains for accountability and confession. This is especially important for those in our groups who live alone as they are more totally isolated and prone to the enemy’s attacks. 
  • Find ways to share in fun activities (reading, movies, music, workouts…etc) virtually outside of community group virtual meetings.