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Vision Family,

Our elders met this week to review recent updates regarding COVID-19 and at this time, we have decided to support our community’s efforts to reduce the transmission of coronavirus by suspending our worship gathering at 5808 Departure Drive this Sunday.

In the meantime, we invite you to worship online with us this Sunday on our Facebook Page at 10:00 AM EST. Be sure to tune in for the message, prayer, and a time of devotion.

We will inform everyone by Thursday, March 19 with an update regarding service on March 23.

While it is easy to give into fear during this time of uncertainty, let us remember we are the beloved children of God who is in control. Rather than give in to helplessness, there are a few things we CAN do:

  • Continue to pray for the sick and the scared. Pray for public health officials, researchers, medical professionals, and caregivers.
  • Check in with one another via your community groups throughout the week. Opt for video chat if you can’t meet in person and don’t forget to join us on Facebook this Sunday at 10AM.
  • Remember the little ones and how confusing this time may be for them. Here’s a simple and helpful resource for helping children with scary news.
  • Stay informed. The media is aflame with daily updates. Reading everything only increases anxiety. The following is a reliable list of links for educational, planning, and coping tools:
  • Be a blessing and continue your giving online

Remember, in these anxious days, the church can shine as a light of hope, care, faith, patience, and prudence demonstrating for the world how our faith provides true assurance against worry and fear.