New Sermon Series: Better

Jerome Gay Jr.   -  

Can you believe we’ve been in our new home for two weeks? I see new faces every week and I’m encouraged by how God is moving and what He’ll do through us in this part of Raleigh.

Pastor Jerome preaches at Vision Church in Raleigh, NC

This past Sunday, we started a new series called Better, and we’re walking through the book of Hebrews. We called week one No Comparison and our thought tattoo was this:

Thought Tattoo

Comparing myself to the incomparable One, frees me from comparison.

Comparison is a mark of American culture; in fact, I’d argue that Americans are obsessed with comparison. We compare almost everything. We compare houses, cars, income, looks, marriages, children, churches and even callings.

Why? We find our value in being better than something or someone else. My/your value is based on the distance between you and someone as it relates to looks, intelligence, income, etc. In fact, some of us place ourselves around people we feel are less gifted in order to feel more secure, because as long as we can say, “at least I’m better than someone in this area, I have value” but what if I were to tell you that earthly comparison only leads to being unfulfilled and increased insecurity?

2 Cor. 10:12

Not that we dare to classify or compare ourselves with some of those who are commending themselves. But when they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding.

While there will always be a debate over athlete’s, artists, bands, etc. there are times when things are incomparable. In other words, they’re not worth comparing because it’s clear that that a product or service is superior that there’s no need to compare.

What if I were to tell you that as long as you compare yourself to anyone on earth, you’ll never be satisfied, even if you’re better?

What if I were to tell you the secret to breaking free from comparison is finding the right comparison?

Pastor Jerome, are you encouraging me to break free from comparison by comparing? 

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

How so? When you and I realize the one who spoke the earth into existence, fashioned man from dust, breathed life into humanity, created the heavenscreated the earth, created angels, calms storms, heals sickness, comforts in pain, redeems humanity and did more miracles than are able to be recorded chose to die for me, there’s nothing and no one that compares to Him or His finished work on my/our behalf.

Realizing this allows us to be free from placing my/our value based the distance between me and the person I think I’m better than and I’m empowered to know my value is secure because my life is in the hands of someone better than anything or anyone I could ever imagine.

The reality is I’m not better than anyone, but the one who is better than everyone and everything chose me/you.

Since better chose me and YOU, you and I can live better, be better and do better, because HE is better.

Better is the theme of Hebrews. The word better appears about 13-times in this book, and while we don’t know the author, we do know the intent of the author and that’s to highlight the supremacy of Christ over everything.

Jesus Christ is better than:
  • Angels
  • Covenant
  • Priest
  • Prophets
  • The Law
  • Abraham and Moses
  • Kings

The author wants us to be clear about who Jesus is and the extent of His authority.

So, when your mind or heart wants to run the race of comparison, let Hebrews remind you that if you had a better job, better spouse, better children, better business, better friends, better car, you would still be both unhappy and unfulfilled, because it doesn’t get any better than Jesus.

Three Things you Need to Remember
  1. God is better than you!
  2. God is better for you!
  3. Better chose you!

I want you to walk in the reality that you’re more loved and accepted than you can ever imagine and I want you to let that empower you to pursue better, because the One who is better pursued you!

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